The Apartment

We rent an apartment with 2 bedrooms, 1 living room and 1 dining room, equiped with 1 kitchen and 1 bathroom.



  •  Black & White (2 persons)- Which color are you…Black or White? Well, probably difficult to say…


This room is fully designed to approach the duality of life with serenity, because nothing is only wrong or right, negtive or positive -> Everything is complementary!

         DSC_7985 - copie                DSC_7991 - copie

  •  Whaam (4 persons max.)- Lichtenstein’s art inspired the design of this room and brings the contemporary touch. Well suited for children or popart fans !


L1060858             L1060857


  • Le Corbusier (+1 person)- Born Charles-Edouard Jeanneret, this famous swiss architect, urbanist, painter and sculptor was considered as one of the pioneer in modern architecture at the beginning of the twentieth century. He became famous for his ‘collective buildings’, providing better housing conditions for residents of crowded cities. He built houses all around europe and left to his home town of La Chaux-de-Fonds a wonderful cultural heritage.

LivingYou may lay down on a sofa designed by Le Corbusier himself in the nearby town of La Chaux-de-Fonds and discover important early milestones in Neuchâtel from the worldwide career of the swiss architect.



  • Art n’ Wine – Made to enjoy a moment of peace with friends or family, the dining room offers a large space with a beautiful wooden table and matching chairs, where to share convivial meals or just chill while tasting a delicious wine.


Surrounded by the relaxing color ‘Rouge Bordeaux’ and under influences of Le Corbusier’s art as well as the view on the backyard, this place will make you taste life differently !

DSC_8027 - copie               DSC_8040 - copie


  • Le petit déj – Perfect to have a nice breakfast full of delicacy and to prepare your favorite meals or cocktails, we fully equiped this kitchen for you !


DSC_8107 - copie     DSC_8108 - copie


  • Blue’s – The bathroom is equiped with a tub brightened up by a magic ocean blue, it will probably make you feel like a fish in the water !



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